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Graduate, Part-time/Casual Employment, Internship, Work Placement and Volunteering

JCU CareerHub is the University’s official online job board that enables you to advertise employment opportunities to students. Students and recent graduates have exclusive password secure access to the system. Students are interested in opportunities for graduate positions, vacation, internship, work placement and part-time/casual positions.

This is a free service for employers.

CareerHub has approximately 6000 student logins per month.

Click here to view courses offered at JCU if you are seeking specific skills, but keep in mind that students are multi-talented and there may be students who suit your needs in other course areas.

You are asked to let JCU Careers and Employability know as soon as the vacancy is filled, so the vacancy can be removed from JCU CareerHub. Employers who enter their own vacancies on the JCU CareerHub are asked to remove vacancy advertisements once the position is filled.

Opportunities that do not adhere to the Fair Work Act will not be published. Please see the Fair Work website for more information. 

The Seek website has tips on how to write a job ad.

On-Campus Presentations and Interviews

JCU Careers and Employability can assist you to organise face-to-face contact with students via on-campus presentations, information sessions and interviews. We can promote your campus visits to targeted groups of students and can help with organising a venue.

If you wish to discuss your vacancy or recruitment program with college representatives, we can put you in touch with the appropriate academic staff member.

We encourage employers to engage with students on multiple campuses if opportunities are appropriate. Videoconference facilities are available on campus for presentations or interviews. Fees are charged for this service.

On campus displays

JCU Careers and Employability can display, brochures and other marketing materials associated with recruitment activities on campus where appropriate. JCU Careers and Employability reserves the right to decline to display or distribute company or organisation material which we consider inappropriate as well as the right to decline participation to any organisation or company, which we consider inappropriate.

Careers Fairs

Careers Fair are held annually on the Cairns and Townsville campuses.  Please refer to our website for information on the next Careers Fair (

Targeted emails to students

JCU Careers and Employability can organise emails to targeted groups of students via email. Please email with the following information:

  • Purpose of email including brief description of information to be distributed;
  • Discipline/s sought;
  • Target year sought;
  • Date of intended email.

Information to be included in the email message should be emailed to at the same time

JCU Careers and Employability offers this service subject to the following conditions:

  • Only information that deals specifically with graduate/vacation/scholarship/work placement vacancies will be emailed.
  • Your information will be sent out with a disclaimer that states your information is being sent through JCU Careers and Employability in order to ensure the confidentiality of student information. Our service will add a disclaimer to your email, an example of a disclaimer is:
    "This information has been sent out by the James Cook University Careers and Employability. Your name and address was not released to the employer."

Further information

To enquire about any of the services above, please contact the JCU Careers and Employability team on


JCU Careers and Employability advises the users of JCU CareerHub that the advertised employment (paid or unpaid) and volunteer opportunities on job portal are not solicited or endorsed by the James Cook University institution. It is the responsibility and obligation of the potential applicant to obtain more detailed information from the Advertisers about the opportunity and any associated agreements and obligations that may impact on their suitability or interest in pursuing the opportunity. Students should also refer to the Fair Work Act – for information on current award rates. For more details on these terms and conditions please click here.