Terms and Conditions for Employers

1.  Careers and Employability and JCU CareerHub

1. Careers and Employability consists of the Careers and Employability Services staff in the Learning, Teaching and Student Engagement Directorate of James Cook University.

2. JCU CareerHub is an online system used by Careers and Employability to advertise  graduate; industry/course related; overseas; part-time/casual; postgraduate; scholarships/cadetships/internships; vacation and volunteer opportunities and events to students, graduates and staff of the University.

3. Careers and Employability reserves the right to accept, alter or reject registrations, vacancies and event advertisements in JCU CareerHub.

4. Careers and Employability reserves the right to refuse any person or organisation use of this service.

5. Careers and Employability is not a recruitment agency and as such does not involve itself in selecting or recommending students for any vacancy listed on JCU CareerHub.

6. Repeated multiple advertisement listings will be considered as spam and will be rejected and removed from the site.

2.  All job advertisements submitted to JCU CareerHub must comply with all relevant Australian and State laws including privacy, fair trading, the Fair Work Act, trade practices and anti-discrimination laws.

1. All submitted job advertisements need to be approved by Careers and Employability staff before being made available for access by students and graduates. Advertisements are processed during business hours.

3.  Careers and Employability requires all advertisers to provide the following information:

1. The name of the organisation or individual advertising the job vacancy.

2. The name of a contact person.

3. The address and phone number of the organisation, individual or contact person.

4. A clear description of the vacancy including duties/responsibilities, location, working hours and required skills/experience .

5. An appropriate rate of pay, or reference to a relevant award or job classification (part-time, casual and contract advertisements only).

4. Special conditions for recruitment agencies and other third party recruiters.

1. Third party recruiters must provide the name of the client organisation to Careers and Employability, if requested to do so.

2. Careers and Employability will not disclose the name of the client organisation to anyone unless required to do so by law.

3. Only genuine job vacancies are to be submitted.

5. Types of acceptable advertisements for employment include, but may not be limited to:

1. Part-time, casual, contract or full-time paid employment.

2. Volunteer opportunities with registered not-for-profit organisations

3. Work experience/ work placement/ internship/volunteer opportunities where

  • The position is a component of a formal academic program i.e. Work Integrated Learning (WIL).
  • The position is a volunteer role within a registered not-for-profit organisation, with appropriate insurance coverage for volunteers.
  • The position offers experience relevant to a JCU field of study where it is not a course requirement but is of benefit to the student's studies.

4. Graduate recruitment and vacation employment.

5. Paid international employment vacancies.

6. Employment scholarships and cadetships.

6. Careers and Employability will not accept the following advertisements:

1. Any advertisement for an unpaid internship, work experience or volunteer position which does not meet our terms and condition clause 5.3.

2. Employment that requires the successful applicant to establish their own business.

3. Employment involving any unpaid trial period or training, except where Federal or State Awards makes allowances for such arrangements.

4. Commission-only jobs.

5. Independent contracting arrangements.

6. Work involving any illegal activity.

7. Positions in businesses operated from residential properties or requiring students to work in a private home, with the exception of domestic duties, such as babysitting, cleaning, gardening and private tutoring.

8. Any work which requires the employee to purchase a product or service, or offer a security deposit or similar as a condition of employment.

9. Any advertisement not advertising a genuine employment opportunity.

10. Fee for service and overseas voluntourism opportunities.

7. Careers and Employability reserve the right to alter, withdraw or reject any advertisement where: 

1. Non-compliance with these terms and conditions has occurred;

2. Misleading or incorrect information has been provided;

3. Complaints about the advertiser have been received; or,

4. The job opportunity or event is considered to be inappropriate.

8. Complaints policy. In the instance that a JCU student or graduate makes a complaint about an advertiser using this service, the following procedure will apply:

1. The complaint will be documented.

2. The advertiser will be contacted for a "right of reply".

3. If the complaint is upheld, the advertiser will be given a warning.

4. Where a second complaint is received, the advertiser may be refused any further use of the service. Where a complaint has been upheld that is of a very serious nature, the advertiser may be disallowed from using the service after only one complaint.

5. Depending on the complaint, advertisers may be allowed to continue advertising whilst complaints are being investigated.

6. An advertiser will be informed, where practicable, verbally or in writing, if the advertisement is withdrawn or if access to the service is refused.

7. In cases where the complaint reveals that information provided in the job advertisement was false or misleading, the advertisement will be withdrawn immediately.

9. Liability

1. Careers and Employability will be under no liability to users and recruiters in respect of any loss or damage (including consequential loss or damage) which may be suffered or incurred or which may arise directly or indirectly in respect of services supplied by Careers and Employability.

2. Advertisers agree to indemnify Careers and Employability and its staff against all claims, actions, suits, costs and expenses incurred on any account by Careers and Employability as a result of their advertisement.

3. Employers advertising on JCU CareerHub must abide by our Terms and Conditions for Employers. Careers and Employability checks that all opportunities featured on JCU CareerHub comply with our Terms and Conditions, however, we do not accept responsibility for advertisers who provide inaccurate, misleading or false information.

4. Careers and Employability does not necessarily recommend or endorse any organisations or service providers featured on JCU CareerHub.

5. Careers and Employability does not act as an agent for the employer.

6. Employers agree that all information they provide in their advertisement does not breach any law or the rights of any person (including legislation regarding Fair Trading, Equal Opportunity and Human Rights).

10. Other information

1. Advertisers can lodge job advertisements via the internet at any time.

2. Careers and Employability may use employers' email addresses to:

  • update them about JCU CareerHub
  • clarify job or event details with them
  • alert them to other services to facilitate recruitment
  • send career-related/employment notices
  • undertake labour market research
  • ask questions to assist us in managing the JCU CareerHub service

3. WorkCover Queensland issues an insurance policy for household workers which covers the costs of compensating a person who is injured while doing paid domestic chores for you. This policy is mandatory in Queensland and will cover such costs as compensation, hospital and medical expenses, workplace rehabilitation costs, lump sum compensation for permanent impairment and damages associated with a common law claim against you. Contact 1300 362 128 or https://www.worksafe.qld.gov.au/