If you are currently studying on any JCU campus and are free to commit 25 hours of work between 12 and 23 July 2021 - apply now! All degrees welcome.  What’s in it for you? Watch these brief (1m) videos!

To express your interest please fill this FORM:


Launch U Trade Accelerator is sponsored by Study Queensland and delivered in partnership with Practera.

2-week program where teams of University students work collaboratively to deliver a consulting project for a Government Agency, Business or Nonprofit. You will be supported by a structured program, learning content via Practera’stechnology platform and a mentor.
The program aims to provide students with an opportunity to:
●Develop 21st century employability skills: critical thinking, professional verbal and written as well as cross-cultural communication, teamwork, project and stakeholder management, problem solving and more
●Get real business experience
Expand their professional connections with employers and like-minded students across Queensland

This is an extracurricular program. To gain official certification, and get the most out of your learning experience, you must:
●Complete 25 hours of work during the program.
●Attend first induction meeting (orientation) with client and Project Lead on 5 July 2021.
●Attend and actively contribute towards team, client and mentor meetings.
●Complete all project deliverables with your team, which include: a project plan, a draft report, a final report and presentation.

For more information about the program please watch this video recording of an information session: 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I get a certificate?
You will receive a certificate upon completion of the project and a micro credential that you can put on your LinkedIn profile, as long as you have met all program requirements (time commitment and active participation).

Do I have to be in the country?
Yes. This program is an intensive three-week experience, with a lot of offline components, so we do require you to be physically in the country to participate.

What if I have a part-time Job?
It is fine if you have a part-time job, but you must be able to commit a minimum of 50 hours of work on the project over the three weeks of the program. You will need to coordinate with your team to ensure that you’re able to attend meetings and contribute equally to all deliverables.

Do I get to choose the project I work on?
No, projects will be assigned to teams. We ensure clients submit projects that are interesting and achievable within the program timeframe.

Do I get to choose my team?
No, all teams will be assigned randomly to allow for diversity to occur.

Will the project be related to my degree?

It could be, but if it isn’t, that’s fine too. The projects are structured in a way where you do not need specific technical knowledge.

What type of projects can I expect?
The majority of projects will be non-technical. They could include market research, doing a competitor analysis or creating a social media strategy.

Will I be paid to work on this Project?
No, you will not be paid to work on this project.

Can I skip the orientation session?
The orientation session is compulsory. It is where you will meet your team, mentor and client. Students who do not attend will be removed from the program.

What does the application process involve?
You will be required to send an Expression of Interest addressing your motivations and skills.

Do I need to complete or access Practerabefore the orientation session?
Once you’ve been selected to take part in the program, Practera will send you a link to register on and access the platform.

How is Trade Accelerator different from Cairns Connect Business Project Program that was advertised recently?

Location: Connects BPP is located in Cairns and for Cairns-based students only, while Trade Accelerator is Queendland-wide.

Virtual/face-to-face: Trade Accelerator is fully online because people from across the state are involved. Connects BPP is mostly conducted face-to-face, that's why you have to be located in Cairns.

Host organisations: Cairns (Connects) vs QLD-wide

Duration and work hours commitment: 25 hours over 2 weeks 50 hours over 3 weeks (Connects)

Scale: relatively large number of organisations and participating students across the state (Trade Accelerator) VS city scale (Connects), small number of participants.

Networking: you will develop networks with state wide employers and students from a number of other universities when working on your Trade Accelerator program while when working on Connects you get to meet employer(s) in Cairns and your team.

To find out more about the program contact:Jack Sage, JCU Careers Counserllor Email:Jack.Sage@jcu.edu.au Phone: 07 4781 4022